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    We have a RCA DVR40 40GB that was nearly full of recorded programs.

    We deleted every program to make room for the Olympics but after recording only 14 hours of programing it is telling me that it needs to delete a previously recorded program to record a 4 hour program. Also, every program thet we record we set to "Keep until I delete"

    We also canceled all season passes and unpluged the DVR for about a minute to reset it.

    What's going on here???

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    Do you have the current season passes as marked as "Keep Until I Delete (KUID)"? If so the DirecTiVo will calculate disk space not only based on what you currently have recorded but also all recordings marked KUID in the future. Season passes and wish lists marked KUID should be avoided if possible.
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    When DirecTivo calculates the amount of available space, they not only see what you have stored, but also what you plan to record in the future. If the two totals add up to more than the available capacity, you get a warning message. Part of the problem is that the receiver has to assume that you mean what you say with KUID. It can't reason that "I know he will watch the program in the next week and remove it" it will have to assume that the program will be kept permanently.

    The most effective solution would be to replace the 40 gig hard drive with a much larger drive, the 40 gig only offers a maximum of 35 hours of space. Since all of your current recording is sport related, requiring a greater bandwidth, you would probably get less than that amount.

    Another solution would be to adjust the way you program season passes. I have run into a similar problem with my Samsung 80 gig receiver. We had a lot of programs stored as KUID. For our current Season passes, we limit the program storage to the current 10 episodes and set retention to The most limited option "Keep Until Space Needed". I have a number of recordings on my Samsung with the yellow exclamation point indicating that the program could be erased at any time. Some of them have been that way for well over a month. The fact that the receiver can erase them if needed makes all the difference in the world.

    If your intention is to save the program permanently then your best option would be to use the "Save to VCR" option and transfer the recording to either a videotape or DVD.

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