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    Dec 1, 2004


    Anyone remember the Brit series Cracker? This is similar, except the lead character is a lawyer rather than a psychologist and he's Australian.

    The lead screws his best friend's wife, is an alcoholic, has a gambling addiction, uses prostitutes (and was married to one) and snorts cocaine about like Al Pacino in Scarface. He lives in a rat hole of an apartment since that's all he can afford given his addictions. Then there are the minor indiscretions such as helping his 15 year old son have an affair with the son's 28 year old teacher. He's a criminal defense lawyer that takes cases no one else will touch.

    Surprisingly, there's quite a bit of humor. And, despite all his faults it's easy to like the lead character.

    It's 8.0 on IMDB and I'm enjoying it.

    DirecTV, Channel 101 (The Audience Network), Wednesdays with many later repeats. Lots of bad language and some nudity. Has some very good guest stars like Hugo Weaving and Sam Neil.
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    As I pointed out in another thread...there are some scenes of nekkid wimmen. ;)

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