R10 tivo randomly rebooting

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    I started to notice that my 30-second skip feature kept turning itself off every couple of days....then I found out why - my R10 receiver (that I purchased in Jan 2005 from Weaknees) is suddenly rebooting at random times by itself.

    I discovered this out because as I was watching a pre-recorded show last night, the receiver just rebooted for no reason.

    Does this sound like a motherboard, Power supply or hard drive issue? Being a tech for PC's, it sounds like a motherboard issue, but I don't have any experiance with how tivo's fail, so any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Mine has been doing this since this since the 6.3e update. Several other users in other threads and forums have started to notice this and freezing problems.

    These appear to be the most likely scenarios (not ranked in any way)

    1) There is a bug in the code producing the problem. For some reason it may not be affecting a large number of people or they are not noticing it maybe because summer is a slow tv season.

    2) The software when it is downloaded is put into another partition and when activated the tivo is told to boot from this new partition. A physical drive problem in this part of the drive would not be noticeable until the new software was activated.

    3) A problem with the hard disk itself.

    Just in case it is number 2 or 3 I have purchased a 300GB drive from Weakness and I will put it in as soon as it arrives. I have two DirecTivos so I have moved the few shows I am recording off to it, leaving the R10 blank for now. In a couple of weeks I want all 4 tuners working agian so I am really hoping it is the drive and not a software problem.
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    The temp is 42-43c - I did open up the case and airblow all the dust off the parts and reseated the powersupply and hard drive cables.

    But the post after yours which mentions the 6.3e update...I do see that my usint has the 6.3e01-2-521 update. So maybe it is a software issue...
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    Thank you very much for this info!!!

    Yes, I just checked and I have the 6.3e software. And about 2-3 weeks ago I did notice that my tivo was running a little slower between screens then usual. So, an update bug would make sense!

    I also have a series 2 connected to my cable company, and I noticed about a year ago they updated the software which also slowed it down a little, but the update came with some really cool features (undelete, crop time, etc).

    Since I never noticed any new features in the DirectTV unit, I just though that DirectTV or Tivo had no plans to ever update the software (i.e like enable the USB ports so it can be networked). So, I never thought of this issue being associated with a software update.

    But, now knowing that DirecTivo does update the software (and I even got an email saying they will update it in 2008 with some of the cool features of the series 2), then this issue makes sense.

    Thanks again.

    Hopefully, DirecTivo will fix this issue.

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