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    I know this is an often discussed topic but I have a specific question on the Harmony 360 remote. I recently purchased the HP MD5880n tv and the tivo remote can't control that tv. I also now have 2 tivos in the same room (one for HD) and just got a Yamaha receiver/speaker package. So I figured it was time to get a good universal remote. I was told that the Harmony 360, 520 and 880 work with the HP, including the discrete codes that are coming in the updated firmware that HP will provide shortly. I was absolutely shocked at how expensive these remotes are and I'm still in the process of trying to convince myself (and my wife) that I should buy a remote for $100. Imagine that, the remote costs more than the Tivo it controls.

    Here's my question. Can I program the remote so that one button on it will actually do 2 normal button presses? For example, sometimes when I'm watching football on my Tivo, I like to use the 30 second skip for the play clock. However, some teams run their plays faster so I press 8 second rewind and 30 second skip right afterwards to get a 22 second skip. Can I program the Harmony 360 to do this sequence with one button? If not are there other remotes out (preferably under $100) that can do that as well as control multiple tivos in one room and control my HP MD5880n?
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    This is not the sort of thing the Harmony does readily, although there are tricks to get around this limitation. You might be happier with a remote that emphasizes macros, like the Home Theater Master MX-500. These aren't cheap, either, though. A cheaper if less elegant alternative is the Sony RM-VL-900, which provides a limited number of macros.
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    Universal's MX-800 is 100% programable and is even RF. But it's going to cost you from about $300-$350. It's going to hurt but well worth every single dollar.

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