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    There is 1100+ hours gone by since the last call-in. When I try, it runs for a few minutes and then gets a message of call interrupted. Is there anything I would accomplish with a call-in(I'm running 6.4a)?

    There are 8 recorded programs and approximately 300 recently deleted programs. When I recorded a show without "keep until I delete" it deleted it 2 days later. Is this an indication that it has reached max as far as recording capability without deleting and making room for the next recording? Would I accomplish anything by deleting all the previous recorded programs? Is there a way to determine the approximate number of hours the unit is capable of recording?

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  2. LI-SVT

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    Check you season passes to see how many the Tivo is set to keep. If the season pass is set to keep 2 then after it records a third the oldest is deleted. It would do this even if you have extra space.
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    There's no point in a call-in - you have the latest software and the call isn't required, other than to avoid the nag screen after 30 days or so. If you have 300 or shows under Recently Deleted, you are not out of space.
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    I know next to nothing about DirecTiVos, but I suggest that you permanently delete anything in "Recently Deleted" that you're sure you're through with.

    After entering "Recently Deleted" list, hold remote in palm of one hand, hit "clear" button with thumb of other hand and then hit "Select" button with thumb of hand holding the remote as soon as next screen pops up.

    That's the fastest way to go through a bunch of them.

    I've had Series 2 standalones that would leave everything in Recently Deleted alone and permanently delete stuff I'd recorded only the day before before I figured out it was a good idea to keep RD pruned.

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