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    Jan 5, 2006


    I live in an apartment building and recently got direct TV. I share an industrial dish and only have one cable coming out of my wall. This set up was fine for the regular cable box but, I bought the HD DVR and can only receive signals from odd number transponders. I need a multi switch and can not seem to locate this device anywhere even though the directv support guy told me they could be had at Radio Shack for about 40$. It is NOT the switch that allows for multiple boxes from one output. I only have one cable coming out of my wall. I'm not really in the mood to pay some guy 130$ (plus the 6 hour wait) to install this . Does anyone understand this problem and can they point me in the direction of this multi-switch? PLZ HELP!!!
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    Mar 29, 2005
    You can't do it with one cable unless you do the stacker/destacker option, which is a couple of hundred bucks. Moreover, since you are only getting odd numbered transponders, you very well may be SOL.

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    I installed the Stacker, and it worked like a champ. For about 2 months. Then the power went out. And when it came back, i could see only the even channels on the second dish.

    Anyone seen this? Any suggestions? It was real nice having both tuners working....
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    Are you using two Dstackers? It could be that the second one has gone bad.

    Try disconnecting all the RG cables and then reconnect them...

    When I living in an apartment and had to use the Dstackers, I saw this happen a few times...

    If reconnecting everything does not work, try moving the feeds running to the working tuner to the tuner that is not working. If the second tuner can see both even and odd now, then it is a good bet that the Dstacker is malfunctioning...

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