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    Apr 14, 2018


    I have the following setup and wanted to ask 2 questions. Spectrum is the cable provider.

    Closet for cable input->POE filter->Moca capable 3 way splitter. From the 3 way splitter:

    1 coaxial to Office (where tivo bridge and Arris gateway is)

    1 coaxial to bedroom (where Bolt mini will go)

    1 coaxial to family room (where Bolt/tuning adapter will go)

    Focusing on the office where the Moca 2.0 tivo bridge is.

    The coaxial wire in office goes into a 2 way moca capable splitter. From there, one coaxial goes to my gateway (Modem/router/wifi combo) and one to the 2.0 Bridge. An ethernet wire goes from the gateway to the bridge.

    Here are the questions.

    1. Can I set up my Moca this way with a combo gateway. On the Tivo website, the diagram has a separate cable stand alone modem connected to a router via ethernet and then the router connected to the bridge via another ethernet.

    2. Do I need another filter after the 2 way splitter in my office before the gateway. That is, 2- way splitter->filter on output->then coaxial to my arris gateway.

    As an aside, the arris gateway is moca 1.1 capable but disabled by Spectrum. Hence, must setup my own.

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