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    I have 2 TiVo Roamios and 2 TiVo Minis. They all run Comcast with cable cards and over my hard wired network. All has been running great for yrs now.

    Unfortunately, I BARELY use any of it these days. Instead, I mainly use an Nvidia SHield and FireTV stick to stream content. The only reason I keep the TiVos around is I need them for recording 6hr blocks of local channels & cable access. Long story why, but it has relegated me to recently change settings and have them go into standby mode after a few hrs of inactivity.

    Does having these put in standby mode possibly spin down the hard drives? Can the Minis still pull tuners from the main Roamios when they are in stand-by?

    If not, I'm thinking of just unplugging the units until they are needed for the 2-3 block recordings per month instead of having them running all the time. Just curious
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    My understanding is that in the most severe TiVo box power-savings setting(s), the hard drive spins down. (There are earlier threads here on that.) The spinning down and then back up concerns some users (extra hard drive wear-and-tear), who avoid the setting for that reason.
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    Jul 28, 2005
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    There is a bug in TE3 that can cause a Mini, or another TE3 TiVo, to not have access when the device you are trying to reach is in Standby. It doesn't happen until the device has been in standby for over 20 minutes (usually), so a simple work around is to take the box out of standby when you need it. As for power down of the drive, I have one that does and three that don't.

    Search for "standby bug" to see others with the problem.

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