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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by wireless200, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Good morning. Now that Tivo have made various upgrades to the menus, etc., there's been something introduced that I find a hindrance in accessing my recorded shows.

    Have you noticed that with a onepass or recorded show, that for certain shows, that multiple seasons and episodes appear in saved shows that aren't recorded?

    Basically every show from every season is displayed there but for those that aren't recorded it's necessary to stream them (for a price).

    That's fine to have that option but I don't want all those shows to appear in my Saved/recorded shows so at least allow a way to hide those.

    It appears that it would be possible as there's some options involving the A and B buttons but hiding the unrecorded shows isn't one of them.

    Any feedback on this? With shows that have many seasons and episodes it's difficult identify or scroll through and find the ones that were actually recorded.

  2. dianebrat

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    When you make a OnePass or edit one, say "Recordings only" you will not see streaming content, yes, it's that easy.
  3. wireless200

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    Apr 15, 2004
    Well thank you very much for that and the quick response!

    Bonus question :)

    When there are a bunch of shows recorded in a folder, like say 10 or 20, is it possible to do a mass delete at once rather than one at a time?

  4. worachj

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    Highlight the folder and press the Clear button on the remote.
  5. PCurry57

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    You need to goto Settings-> Recordings->One Pass and Recording Options

    Change Include: from "Recordings & streaming videos" to "Recordings only". You can alternately change "Rent or Buy: from "Include" to "Don't include". Excluding streaming will exclude all streaming, excluding Rent or Buy will block those that cost extra.
    Be sure to exit this menu by selecting "Use these options".

    You can then press live tv recordings and one pass will now default to NOT include streaming videos.
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