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    Ok, admittedly, I'm completely clueless.

    I created a One Pass for a show. It is suppose to record only new episodes on a certain channel, on a certain date. The next thing I know, I see a few different season numbers. Mind you, I've only had the Bolt a few weeks, and "seasons" have not gone by.

    Previously, I was using Windows Media Center, and that was pretty easy to configure a recording. That is, after searching for it, I'd set it on New recordings, on a specific channel, on a specific time. Instead of ending up with seasons, it only recorded New episodes, starting with when I first initiated the series recording.

    Back to the Bolt - Why am I seeing episodes in the list that I did not record? I don't know if they're actually recorded, but they are in the list.

    Basically, I'm looking to only show episodes that I actually recorded, not entire seasons.

    Any clarification would be helpful on this. Thanks.
  2. BigJimOutlaw

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Are you looking at a folder in My Shows?

    If so, you can press the C button to adjust what you see... e.g. all episodes, recordings only, etc.

    It can also be helpful to select "Recordings only" when making a OnePass, if you didn't already.
  3. TonyD79

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    Jan 4, 2002
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    It is showing you potential streaming episodes available from video providers the box thinks you have. You can control them in settings. Which ones you actually have access to. Also, if you set your One Pass to recording only, you won't see them in the My Shows folder (you can still get to them via the one pass under Explore this show. Finally, you can select recordings on the left of the my shows to see only your recordings.
  4. GoodSpike

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    Dec 17, 2001
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    If you have suggestions on still, and then a 1P records a show, it will put the one you recorded and the ones it previously recorded as a suggestion into the same folder. So rather than one show you might have three showing.

    One other thing I've noticed, if you want only new episodes, specify that in two places--the second being the "season" area.

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