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    Dammit! I meant to post this in the Happy Hour Forum. I don't have a Delete button to remove the post? Mod, please delete.

    I just had a CD mature, and they offered only 0.35% for another 15 months. I declined, took a check and closed my account. Capital One is offering 1.5% on a savings account, plus an extra $100 per $10k deposited and left there for at least 90 days. This appeals to me in this lousy saver's economy. I have a 401k so I'm not interested in putting the CD $ into the market or other investment types.

    My question is how do I make an initial small deposit to open the account, and then do I just mail them the larger deposit check? I can't find any info on the Capital One website about how this works without going through with the account opening process. I'd like to know how it works before I do that.

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