Qs-Tivo Premier, Hulu Integration, SD Transfers, Amazon.

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by matt bullis, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Qs-Tivo Premier, Hulu Integration, SD Transfers, Amazon.

    My Humax Tivo 2 got struck by lightening, right now I 3 SD Tvs and no HD. I am OTA only. I have some presale questions I'd like to ask the community;

    1) Is Hulu integrated into the Now playing guide. I.E. does my Hulu queue show up? or is it a separate plugin?

    2) I think I read that SD programs can be transferred to Series 2 Tivos. But can I record HD as SD and transfer them to my other Series 2 Tivo? Since I have all SD sets, I really don't Need HD.

    3) Since Hulu doesn't carry some of my other shows, can I get Amazon to download these automatically? Or do I have to catch it each time a new season begins?

    4) Also Star Wars: Clone Wars doesn't seem to be anywhere but Itunes. Is there any other legal way to get this. Looking for a one box solution.

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    First I don't think you will find a one box solution if you want access to everything available on the Internet. The closest you can get is a HTPC.

    Second given that you are OTA only you might look at a used Series 3 with lifetime. The Series 3 units do not do Hulu and but they are:
    1. Great OTA DVRs
    2. Should cost you around $350 instead of $500
    3. Get better OTA reception in certain situations.
    Regarding Hulu on the Premiere, it is a separate plug in, your queue will show up when you enter Hulu, but not in TiVos now playing guide.

    With OTA most (all?) HD channels do not have a SD version that you can record. So I would not expect you can transfer much to a Series 2.

    You can purchase a whole year of a TV Series on Amazon and I believe you can set it up to auto download. I might be wrong on this one but I remember seeing this feature in the past.

    Good Luck,
  3. stdcss01

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Hey @Matt - @atmuscarella is right, you can set up Amazon shows for auto download. I couldn't find instructions anywhere on the web for doing this, so I created my own. Check them out and please comment below the post if they were helpful. best wishes -

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