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    I'm guessing this is not possible, but thought someone might know for sure or have any other suggestions...

    I currently have a PC setup with Plex and PyTivo. I use Plex for viewing movies/shows mostly on tablets, my laptop and sometimes outside of the house. When I want to watch a movie or show on Tivo, I prefer to transfer the video using PyTivo mainly because the Plex app on Tivo is simply not that good.

    I need to upgrade the PC where Plex and PyTivo are hosted. After lots of research, I'm interested in moving my video collection to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro 4K HDR which has a built in Plex server and is supposed to be really good (plus my kids can play games on it). The issue is, if I do this, then I would lose the ability to transfer videos to my Tivo as I currently do.

    Is there any solution that would allow PyTivo or something similar to work on the NVIDIA Shield which runs the Android OS.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You might be able to get the main pyTivo server running o. An Nvidia Shield. Python is pretty ubiquitous and will run almost anywhere. Although if you're not super tech savvy it might be difficult.

    You might be better off just buying a streaming dongle for the TV where the TiVo is and using the Plex app from that instead. The new TiVo Stream 4K is cheap, has a familiar TiVo remote and runs Android TV so it can run anything in the play store.

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