pyTiVo downloads videos, but nothing shows when playing

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    Well, the latest version of pyTivo is sort of working for me. It recognizes my TiVo, shows the My Shows list, and I can dowload files. The problem is when I try to play the files all I get is a black screen. I've tried using VLC and Windows MediaPlayer. There is no sound or picture but the progress meter is moving normally and it is showing the correct length of the shows. When I download I get a media file and a word file that gives me a description of the show.

    Any ideas?
  2. Dan203

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    If you're downloading with the decryption option off then you're getting .tivo files. Those will only play in Windows Media Player and require that you check the box in the installer to install the TiVo DirectShow filter. You might also need to install a codec pack like K-Lite so you have all the necessary audio and video codecs installed for it to play.

    If you want it to play in VLC you have to decrypt it. You can do it after the fact using 3rd party tools, but pyTivo will only decrypt during download. There is a option for that on the first tab of the settings.

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