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    Dec 3, 2011


    I have 59 home videos to “push” to my TIVO Premiere (20.2) using WMCBRINE’s branch of pyTIVO. The files I am pushing have file names on my PC like “001 Video.mpg”, “002 Video.mpg”, “003 Video.mpg”. I have already set up the META text files to match each file in the same folder, so I have “001 Video.mpg.txt”, “002 Video.mpg.txt” and so on. Each of the META files has all the right information, the same seriesID number etc... I have it working so a folder will be created on the TIVO and all these videos will go into that folder (same seriesID). Everything works. I can push the files one at a time in the order I want and everything works.

    BUT --- I want to “push” them all at once, in a group. When I do this, the first file to get pushed is at the top of my file list on the PC in alpha-numeric order. So “001 Video.mpg” gets pushed first. This means it winds up at the bottom of the list in the TIVO folder (by record date) .. I want the “push” to be in the opposite order so that that “001 Video.mpg” winds up at the top of the list in the TIVO folder. So it needs to be “pushed” last. I can do this by hand, one at a time, but how do I do it in a group?

    Is there a way to do this without renaming all my video files on the PC ?

    I have a dozen more groups of videos to transfer.
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    Unfortunately, "Push" doesn't appear to honor the "time" metadata field, or you could use that. "Pull" does honor it, but there would be no need for it since there's no "pull all selected videos". You could switch to alpha sort.
  3. xberk

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Yep. WMCBRINE confirms that it can't be done. Guess I'll just have to que things up one at a time to get the order I want. Really not so bad. Works great once everything is queued and going ...

    Ideally I'll eventually have things organized in some sort of library of "home video" with a HTPC that would run throughout the house using Windows Media Player ..
  4. HDR110

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    Jan 26, 2012
    Hello everyone, this is my first post since being a member here under an old account about 10 years ago, things sure have changed.

    Anyhow, in response to the OP’s question, if I’m understanding the question correctly it seems as though you have a first in, last out, issue. Perhaps you could reverse the numeric file name so that the first file that you would like to view from the box has the highest sequential number.

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