Pulling shows to Roamio plus- can I not use an external usb drive directly?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by HoosontheTeevo, Jan 12, 2017.

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    I don't see "push" anymore as an option on my kmttg with pytivo tools (looks like Push is broken from tivo?).

    So i am trying to pull shows from my win 7 pc to my roamio plus.

    each time i've tried to use my seagate 5TB external usb hard drive as the "pull from" location by setting it as the default tivo file location, or publishing videos from it in tivo desktop publish videos section (version 2.8.2) it says things like "filename too long" etc. and desktop locks up, and or it won't stay in the "now playing" section as a location. It initially shows up in the 'now playing' but shows as empty with zero shows and then i get the error and have to remove the shortcut.

    I was able to use the external drive as the main drive location using kmttg to download these shows off of the tivo originally.

    so i'll have to copy shows from external hard drive- to a pc - and then pull them from there?

    can i still upgrade to tivo desktop 'plus' to fix this issue - or is that dead?

    one of the main reasons I love Tivo is the downloading and bringing back of shows from my tivo to my win 7 network computers. why are they taking this away by killing push, etc.

    Also will any shows that I 'pull' then not have the proper meta data - so they won't go into the show folders they used to be in?

    any help/advice/thoughts would be appreciated.

    (edit) so it may be something related to weird very long file names that a few of my shows downloaded into using kmttg. for whatever reason the file name got repeated a bunch of times on a few shows on the ext. hd. and i can't even edit them through normal means. so i'm trying to isolate the problem files and see if that helps. thanks.
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    A short, minor answer: TiVo Desktop Plus indeed is no more. (But it wouldn't have changed matters, so that's a positive . . . .)
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