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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by mmf01, May 12, 2018.

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    I'll go with typo.
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    Google is my friend (link):

    There was also an addition (although it's not enabled at the beginning) to TiVo Desktop for Mac OSX where you can send video files (MPEG-2 or .TiVo files) back to the TiVo from the Mac (also known as TiVoToComeBack or TTCB)

    Seems like TTCB (TiVotoComeBack) may have been the nickname for the push feature.

    Just thought you might want to add them all to your abbreviations post.
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    TiVo To Come Back.
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    Thanks for the abbrevs update, Joe.

    FYI, though, re: typo for TTCB...
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    At the start you say from Life TV press the TiVo button. Are you going to TiVo Central or do you mean press the TiVo button twice to go to My Shows?

    I'm a new TiVo user and I have no database of programs and my first impression was Hydra stunk. I had viewed YouTube screens about TiVo and liked theold interface. I have nothing to lose to try to revert back to the old UI. The reason I haven't done it is because they have programmed the Vox microphone to reach an entire database of old movies and TV shows where the typing search doesn't reach them. You can make one passes or bookmarks for those shows and movies, so I've decided to stick with Hydra.
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    I purposely didn't use the terms "TiVo Central" or "My Shows" as the former doesn't seem to exist anymore in Hydra (it's just an untitled menu) and the latter is something I still call "Now Showing" for some reason. (Of course, "season passes" are still a thing for me as well.) Anyway, if you follow the steps, you end up in "my shows"... and eventually in the list of suggestions (though the issue occurs in any vertical list of shows as well as the detail page for any given show.)

    One clue that the "thumbs" button won't work is that no thumbs are displayed (if a show happens to have any.)

    As for sticking with Hydra... I'm still trying. Once again, I'm putting my faith in TiVo that the bugs will be fixed. I'm not super-thrilled with the overall UI change, but I'm trying to get used to it instead of just reverting. The time I did revert, I simply had no choice as I needed to transfer recordings.

    Anyway, as was pointed out to me earlier in this thread, talking about this bug (or, apparently, hydra in general) is a bit off topic. So, just to satisfy the Topic Police, I'll mention that the new user agreement changes are now in effect.
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