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  1. Sparty99

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    Dec 4, 2001
    Ferndale, MI
    I've previously used Handbrake to convert shows downloaded and edited from my TiVo units (currently using a Premiere and Series 3) to .avi files, and had no problems uploading the shows for watching on the TiVo. Now it appears that .avi is a dying format and I'm having some issues.

    I now use Handbrake to convert to Apple compatible files - obviously they work fine on my iPhone but they're something of a crapshoot working on the TiVos. I'm curious what formats I should be using to be able to have the files upload and watchable on the TiVos. I've considered getting an Apple TV, but I prefer the all-in-one approach.

    If it helps any, I use the Universal setting under the Apple heading on Handbrake, using it to convert to either .mp4 or .m4v (whatever it selects for me). I don't mess with any of the other settings as it's beyond my area of expertise.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    May 30, 2008
  3. Sparty99

    Sparty99 Well-Known Member

    Dec 4, 2001
    Ferndale, MI
    I've been using the settings for the .mp4 files and pushing it using pyTivo, and I'm still having the same issues. The file will transfer but it's not watchable. Any other suggestions? Is there another program to convert to .mp4 or to push to the TiVo that might help?
  4. dlfl

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    Try adding the -O (optimize for streaming) option in your HB encodes. I think pyTiVo (assuming you're using a recent version) automatically performs this optimization (by running qtfaststart) for .mp4 pushes but it's worth a try anyway.

    Also make sure you're not doing anything in your HB encode that pushes the H.264 level above 4.1.

    Download free program MediaInfo (just google) and run it on one of your .mp4 files. Go to the text view. That should tell you the level of your h.264 video.

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