Project - Bolt into a Roamio chassis.

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  1. Slumpert

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    Oct 18, 2019


    1EB1B148-E883-4A89-B4A1-42E67FF44291.jpeg image.jpg I have been a TiVo subscriber since 2004 and I recently switched to a used Roamio, only to regret not buying a Bolt for the extra speed with streaming apps. So I bought a used Bolt 500gb and while waiting for it to arrive I started to read “all about” them here.

    Indeed I wanted more storage space, more cooling, and frankly the white bent box just looks “wrong” to me too.

    So I had this idea to move my bolt guts into my Roamio case.

    The two boards are incredibly similar,
    I removed the middle support bar to keep it from shorting on the bolt.
    Enlarged the coax hole to accommodate the remote finder button.
    Enlarged the optical out hole to accommodate the coax connector.
    Created opening for the optical out.
    Moved by bending the rear motherboard mounting tab about 1/4 inch to align.

    Stalled ATM trying to find a good option for 21pin Sata left angle combo cable that will reach from the stock hard drive mount to the Bolt connectors. If anyone knows a suitable cable please let me know, I likely will end up with “up angle” adapter and then regular sata cables.

    Next I will try to modify the optical lens from the bolt to direct the onboard LEDs to the Roamio front panel.

    Thoughts / Suggestions?
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  2. Slumpert

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    Oct 18, 2019
    89979EFC-AC2F-4C93-BA7A-317050784617.jpeg F86D5EFC-5530-4C3E-8324-805FEBE1AEC1.jpeg
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    Sep 5, 2004
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    This is awesome, more ventilation and a better design IMHO, personally I don't like white equipment or bent equipment. Keep us updated and post final pics.

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  4. keithg1964

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    Feb 2, 2006
    I have been thinking about doing the same thing. Been looking for a cheap roamio case. What I was planning on doing to add an 120mm fan to the top of the case to improve the cooling. See thread on the bolt cooing mod somewhere.
  5. Slumpert

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    Oct 18, 2019


    Installed the cable card connector and hot glued the light guides onto the board itself.

    The fact that the cable card connector perfectly aligns from the bolt into the Roamio goes to show just how similar the design is except the Bolt board is female and the Roamio was male

    8A71F5C4-4FB4-46E1-8DDA-991B4E682748.jpeg 681FD702-86BF-473C-B57E-91BDCD4348E4.jpeg Indicators now have a definite “70’s” diffused look to them.

    Pretty much giving up finding a suitable 21pin combo cable, just going to order piecemeal.

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