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    I've used Tivo for years but never saw this...
    I noticed that 2 programs that were previously in a group were nowhere to be found a few days ago. I did note that there was a very similar group that was there, but the two programs where not in there either. I thought they were accidentally deleted (but glad I did not accuse anyone :) ).

    On a whim I decided to "ungroup" the now playing list and what do you know, they popped up on the detailed list!

    I'd like to keep these shows around a while longer but am a little afraid of turning groups back on.... Does it re-index when you re-group so it should work? Should I reboot?

    Thanks for any thoughts,

  2. JimSpence

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    Sep 19, 2001
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    I'd do a reboot. And then turn groups on and see what happens.

    Have you set these shows to Keep Until You Delete?
  3. jaypb

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    Dec 10, 2003
    I've had what you describe happen on my one remaining non-HD Tivo. In my case, I thought I'd lost some recordings because they weren't in a folder...but when I ungrouped them they were I regrouped them and they weren't there. For some reason they remain hidden....and this has been going on for at least a year now. In addition, I have wacky occurences where a folder will be named something TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the shows inside the group...mainly the folders I have with "College Football" type games/shows. For instance, I originally had a group of 4 College Football replays that held true/worked for 4-5 months. Then, all of a sudden, I'd have 2 folders of games with 2 games in each...and the Folder Titles were for games that weren't even WITHIN the folder (i.e. 2 different University of Tennessee Football games were in 1 folder...but the Folder was called "Michigan-Notre Dame" or something along those lines. In addition, the second folder was THERE on my screen....but when I tried to go into it it DEFAULTED to the OTHER folder of 2 games.....and I was NOT able to GET into the 2nd folder....but if I ungrouped the folders, lo and behold all 4 games were "there".

    Odd eh? :confused:

    Edit: Obviously over the last year I've rebooted numerous times....but the issue is still there. I'm going to assume it's got something to do with the guide data for those 4 football games. Or not......

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