Program Guide vs OTA digital channel mappings on Feb 17

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by markens, Jan 6, 2009.

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    New vouchers are no longer being issued, the program is out of money. Vouchers will be issued to people on the "waiting list" as vouchers expire without being used. Should we be more concerned with people who forgot the voucher expired or people who waited to order the voucher? At least some of the people who waited may have originally planned to purchase a new TV set or who recently dropped cable, economic reasons.
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    You missed the next part of their description:
    In the context of this page, it's a true statement. You do not need any additional equipment, and there's nothing you can do in advance of the transition. Tivo may not get it right, but it's out of your control.

    But, Series2 & Series1 customers *MUST* get additional equipment, or they will not be prepared for the transition.

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    I think his point was that many folks would stop reading there or not realize that the statement was only about not needing a DTV external tuner and not about any issues with where the logical to physical mapping data comes from (which was the subject of this thread).
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    Anyone who stops reading in the middle of a paragraph, when the very next sentence provides the clarification they'd need to avoid confusion, gets what they deserve.
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    Yes, that's exactly the impression that most people would get from the way it is worded. Thank you.

    Well, yes and no. Yes to the concept, but no to this particular case. The next sentence does *not* provide the clarification needed to avoid confusion. It provides additional information, but it does so in a way that propogates the confusion by implying that there are no other possible ways of being affected, which certainly isn't true.

    The statement that "You are not affected by this transition" is very specific and distinct, and blatently false. No implied modification by any further statements can possibly make it accurate or truthful. The fact that the box will receive the new digital broadcasts (the second statement) does not magically transform the first statement into something truthful. Those are two separate and distinct statements. The first is blatently false, and the second is true. Putting them together in the same paragraph does not change that fact.

    If the first statement had said that you didn't need to do or buy anything additional to receive OTA channels after the transition, then it would be a true statement. But there is no way a reasonable person can logically argue that people with S3/HD boxes who lose guide information, automatic recording functionality or reception for one or more channels (even temporarily) as a result of the transition will "not be affected". They will most definitely be affected. If they weren't going to be affected, this entire thread would be meaningless - we'd be talking about something that would never happen.
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    You're entitled to your opinion, but it seems to me that you're splitting hairs that do not warrant being split.
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    I believe Season Passes are mapped to a specific network name. Since there's no guarantee that the guide data will go away immediately, it is unlikely that your SP would automatically jump to a hi-def antenna channel. I suspect everyone will need to redo SP's.

    Try deleting all scanned channels before rerunning the scan.

    If you go to the support section of their website, there is currently a Digital Antenna Transition link in the Announcement section. The page it goes to states:
    Digital antenna support is not available for Series1 DVRs. If you are currently using a Series1 DVR with antenna, please visit the Digital Transition 2009 page to see if you are eligible for an upgrade.
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    obviously, I tried that. The point is you can rescan channels and rerun guided setup and everything and nothing will change until TiVo remaps the guide data. They finally did make the change about 4-5 days ago. That means that I had no guide data for our local FOX affiliate for close to a month. Everything is fine now.

    Let's hope that TiVo does a better job than this on Feb 17.
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    Just to clarify the situation I originally raised: The question concerns people (like me) who are already receiving OTA digital signals. For example, SP for a show on channel 5.1 currently causes my TiVo to tune to RF channel 15 to record that program. Guide data shows up as channel 5.1, and the channel list in settings shows the proper current RF frequency as 15.

    After the transition, this station's digital signal will move to RF channel 5. The program guide will still list channel 5.1, but now my TiVo will need to know to tune to RF channel 5 in order to receive the signal.

    Season Passes definitely know which of several channels to record on when the same show is on multiple channels. But this is not a case of the "visible" logical channel (5.1) changing; it is the underlying RF frequency. Question is whether the TiVo will see this as a lineup change, or magically map the SP to the new RF frequency transparently.

    I just got off the phone with TiVo tech support, and chatted with a rep who seemed much more knowledgeable and helpful than the previous one I talked with. She confirmed that the OTA digital channel lineups (including RF frequencies) are indeed being updated for the transition, and should be downloaded during a normal daily connect upon the transition. I asked if a forced connect would update as well, and she said yes. She also said that there will likely be some changes that are missed, and that anybody with such cases should call TiVo to report the exceptions so they can address them.


    With respect to season passes, the rep said that they "should" work, but that it's really hard to tell about specific situations until after it happens. I found this an honest answer, and I am prepared to simply redo my SPs after the transition. At least I have control over this, unlike the channel lineup frequency mapping!

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