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Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by cbbpoppy, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. cbbpoppy

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    Aug 30, 2017


    I have a Roamio Pro that I am currently using, and a Mini and my old Premiere XL which both have lifetime service but aren't hooked up. About a year ago I tried setting up the mini and was unsuccessful. I researched this forum to try to figure out solutions but was not able to find the right fix. I am at the point that I would like to hire someone to install it for me so I can use the equipment I have. Can someone point me in the right direction to find someone who might be able to do this? My experience with Spectrum makes me think their installers would not be able to help.

    Thank you!
  2. CinciDVR

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    May 24, 2014
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    You might get a better response if you indicate your city and state. In general, you might try checking with a local Best Buy to see if they have someone familiar with Tivo equipment. Depending on the outlets available in the rooms you want to place the mini and Premiere (coax or ethernet), you really only need someone knowledgeable about MoCA or Ethernet setup which means a tech support person from a computer store could probably get you setup with just a little review of the Tivo website.
  3. Sparky1234

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    Recommend you try ethernet and hook up mini to Roamio before you hire a "pro."
  4. fcfc2

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    Feb 19, 2015
    Charter Spectrum some time ago, did away with their whole home DVR's which used MoCA, the Tivos preferred networking technology. But if you don't want to try and learn or be bothered, then you might be better off looking for someone who can run Ethernet from your router area to the location of your mini.
    A possibly alternative to consider trying would be to give some of the newer higher rated powerline adapters. You would need 2, one would need to be plugged into a wall outlet near your router to connect it's Ethernet port and the 2nd one gets plugged into a wall outlet near your mini and you run an Ethernet cable from it to your mini. See if you get a connection from the Pro to the mini and test how your channels work. If it's good enough for function great, if not, try to buy them from somewhere with a friendly return policy.
    Otherwise there are Pros, who can be found to run Ethernet for you but they are not cheap.
    If you are feeling like learning a bit, you could try using MoCA, which you would setup in the network settings on both the Pro which "creates the MoCA network" when both coax and Ethernet are connected and it is enabled. The minis network will be to "connect via MoCA network", and give it a try, see if you get live tv etc. If you are a bit lucky it may, but there is one other very important thing that must be done, and that is to install a MoCA POE [Point of Entry] filter or Whole Home DVR filter on the input of the first splitter to enter your home, the Spectrum main connection. This is usually in a plastic box on the side of your home or in your garage somewhere. Again since Spectrum killed there Whole Home DVR service, they may or may not be willing to come out and install a filter for you, but even if they do, they may want to charge for a service call.

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