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    I have had a directivo for 1and 1/2 year. I decided to get two more direct dvr for the house. The installer came to day and was here all day according to my wife and said he would be back tomorrow with two more direct dvrs. He said they wer bad. When I get home tonight I notice I do not have a signal on sat. 1. I go outside to see the wires and notice he has a rats nest with connectors on wires everywhere. There is not a multiswitch to be found. It looks as if there is none. No wonder he couldnt get a signal. For three dvrs what type of multiswitch should I have???
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    Depending on the dish... but most likely either a 2x8 (if you only have 1 LNB on your dish), or a 4x8 (if you have 2 or 3 LNBs)

    He had TWO bad DVRs? And left your setup like that....

    BAD installer...

    I would be calling DTV to complain... He should have minimally left you at the same point he started at.
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    Call Retention at once.

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