Problem with daily call - via IP.

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    To start, a bit of history.

    About two weeks ago my TiVo died due to drive failure. Fortunately I still had the origonal drives which were working except wouldn't make a daily call. Bought a pair of big Maxtors and did the upgrade thing, everything is OK except for daily call.

    Network connection is via TurboNet.
    IP works fine, can PING and telnet even from/to remote sites - router OK.
    Does test call OK.
    Daily call fails with "Number unavailable".
    Modem has been dead for years.

    I have tried putting the ,#401 in the dialing prefix but from memory this was never needed anyway.

    Any suggestions ? Why would the test call work but the daily call not.

    Effectively the TiVo thinks it hasn't downloaded any guide data for about three years.

    HELP - MY TiVo IS USELESS. :mad:
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    rerun nic_config_tivo and change it to 'dialup' and then redo changing to 'network'
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    Sep 14, 2005
    I had this problem, tried lots of things. The only thing that worked in the end was to take the disk out and install the cachecard driver again from scratch.

    Hope that helps.


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