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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by Cherlump, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Cherlump

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    Apr 20, 2017


    Hi, new here- We have a Roamio with cable service from Spectrum (was Brighthouse) in the Orlando area. The tuning adapter box (Cisco) seems to lock up about every 2 weeks with the tivo throwing up a message about no connection and we have to pull the power cord on the cisco box to get it working again.

    We have been dealing with this for over a year. Had Brighthouse techs come out twice and check everything. We are on our third tuning adapter box from the cable company.

    Some helpful people over on dslreports say that there is a long history with this box and that the best way to deal with it is to put a programmable timer on the cisco box and let it cycle power once a week in the middle of night.

    We have ordered a timer, but are looking for a second opinion here. Any other advice?
  2. wtherrell

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    Dec 23, 2004
    You already have the best solution.
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    Your first opinion was correct. My TA has to be power cycled every month or two. It isn't bad enough to make me put it on a timer. Doubtful this problem will ever get any attention from Cisco -- there just aren't enough of us to make them care. And the Cable providers would just as soon we ditched our TA's and rented their DVR's.
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    The Cisco TAs always have and probably always will randomly stop tuning. They seem to do this every few weeks to every few months, and they have done this from their inception. My TA usually stops tuning once or twice per month, yet the green LED remains solid, not blinking. And my shows don't record. Time Warner is unable (or unwilling) to fix this issue, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Even the timer trick doesn't work. I tried cycling my TA every week using a digital timer (Woods 50008), but found that when the TA comes back online my Tivo still does not record any of my scheduled recordings while i'm sleeping or away from the house on the weekends, since i am not there to press the Select key to clear the message and restore normal recording capability. It will not record anything until i press the Select key.

    I do wish Tivo would add a function to their software where it senses that the TA has been cycled or rebooted and just start recording instead of waiting for me to press the Select key.

    What i try to do instead is remember to manually cycle my TA before the weekend.

    Here's one of the more recent threads:

    Tuning Adapter quits once a month
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    Apr 20, 2017


    Thanks a bunch for that info. We are going to try the timer route, as some over on dsl reports have reported some success. FYI, there is a guy over there who claimed he was involved in official testing and says the problem does not exist, LOL.

    [BHN] Legacy BHN tuning adapter status? - Charter Spectrum | DSLReports Forums


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    Thanks for the link. I had to laugh at the guy who said the problem does not exist, can't be duplicated. Then he says that the problem isn't unique. As far as I know, the problem has been around for many years, reported by many, many people. No solution other than to regularly reboot the TA and even then it can happen in between reboots.

    My problem with the timer is that if anything is scheduled to record after the reboot but before one can get to the TiVo and press okay to get rid of the "tuning adapter now connected message", nothing will record. I record stuff in the middle of the night and always something early in the morning before I get up. So the timer is a non-starter for me. I try to do the restart manually on the first and fifteenth if I can remember.
  7. delgadobb

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    I'm sure his logic is "if you can't re-create the problem in front of me, it doesn't exist". OK, then let's sit here with it for the next few weeks until it freezes :eek:

    OP, I would lean towards manual reboots because of the limitation some folks have mentioned - namely, if a timer reboots the Tuning Adapter it may wait for your acknowledgement/intervention before it functions properly & you may miss recordings.

    Personally, I've gotten in the habit of rebooting my tuning adapters at the start & middle of each month to avoid the inevitable heartbreak that occurs when one locks up (several missed recordings). Wait until nothing's recording, pull the power AND the USB cable from the back of the Tuning Adapter, wait 20-30 seconds, then re-connect. Acknowledge whatever comes up in the Tivo menu to make sure it's active. Leave yourself a reminder on your phone or something & it should be fairly easy to manage (albeit a bit annoying).
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