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    A few weeks ago I started having issues with TV episodes downloaded from Amazon to my S2 Humax DRT800. The episodes are there, but the video and audio are messed up. It seems to freeze on a frame for about half a second, and then sort of quickly fast froward to another frame that it will pause on for a bit, etc... Makes the show unwatchable.

    This started happening about a month back with a TV show that we have an Amazon Season Pass to and that had been downloading and playing fine up until this point. I thought maybe they had just changed the encoding on the video for this series, but a couple of days ago I had the same problem with another TV show also. What seems weird to me is that I've downloaded a lot of movies from Amazon during this time, and haven't had any issue with those.

    Amazon hasn't been able to replicate the issue on their end, so I'm wondering if it is an issue with my TiVo and if there is anything I might be able to do to troubleshoot? I vaguely recall that that the Tivo's with integrated DVDs handle video a bit differently than the other S2s, so wondering if that might have anything to do with this?

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