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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by SkyCar, Apr 23, 2018.

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    I recently updated my TiVo firmware to "Hydra"/New TiVO experience 4, whatever you call it. I have a 4K TV, but, like many TVs it will accept lower resolutions. On the Settings/Audio & Video Setting/Video Resolution screen, I am having trouble getting the TiVO to accept and remember the settings I choose. If I choose "Auto", it remembers that. If I choose (I think), any other combination that does not include "4k 60fps (preferred)", then it does not remember that selection. When I leave that settings page and return, the setting has reverted to "Auto".

    Why am I fooling around with this?

    For a couple of years, I have had a configuration with two TVs connected via a HDMI splitter. One is in another room. I don't expect them to play at the same time, although maybe they will in some cases. My usual use case is to turn off the big TV, and go into the kitchen and watch TiVO on the smaller TV, which is not 4K (it is native 720 and will accept 1080i). This used to work fine. I use the RF remote, or the iOS app remote. This configuration survived an upgrade from a Premier to a Bolt.

    With the 4K capable Bolt, I got a 4K-capable splitter. Things got a little more touchy, but it still worked. I had to set the Video resolution to explicitly (4K 60fps; 1080i) to have reasonably quick changeover between TVs. I had the feeling then that the TiVO didn't re-check the available resolution of the HDMI display very often.

    Since the HYDRA update, it is almost impossible to get the TiVO to change resolutions. It gets established on 4K, and won't downshift. This results in "no signal" at the small TV. I can no longer even set the resolution settings I had previously to the update. Auto isn't automatic at all. It locks in on one setting and never changes. The only way I have found to change resolution is to power everything down and power it back up again with the other set turned on -- not too practical.

    Isn't it reasonable to expect the TiVO to be able to handle a change on its HDMI output? If you changed settings on the TV, or unplugged one TV and plugged in another one you would need the output resolution to change.

    I'm pretty sure I'm a special case here. Prove me wrong. Anyone else here using two TVs on the output of one TiVO? Any ideas?

    If anyone from TiVO engineering comes in here, it would be a good idea to re-evaluate the output resolution periodically in the software.
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    Update: My BOLT is now switching resolutions as expected again between the two TVs. I think it is because of a software update that pushed out. It certainly isn't anything I did. It's been working again for me since early May 2018.
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    Right, the recent update was supposed to have fixed this.


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