(Probably) A simply question that has me completely stumped....

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    Aug 24, 2009


    I'm trying to do an upgrade for a Philips HDR312 w/instantcake and I keep running into a;

    /etc/rc.d/rcs:line 43: 157 terminated /cdrom/.livebin/PTVbake

    error in screen 3 right after the image is uncompressed.

    From my research on various forums this isn't an uncommon error as it seems like my drives aren't hooked up correctly. But after 6 hours of reading the instructions about 20 times, and attempting various methods I have no idea what I could be doing wrong.

    I could explain things but I think visual aids may aid others in spotting my error:

    Two Ide channels needed for Series 1 upgrade. The one on the left is Secondary IDE, the one on the right is Primary IDE.

    FWIW, the one in the upper right is for a floppy, LOL, that isn't being used.


    Next we have the jumper for the CDROM - Note its set to slave (as instantcake setup requirements are CDROM configured as Primary Slave.


    Next we have the target drive (Seagate 320gb) with jumper set per instantcake to Master.


    Thus I have configured my CD Rom as my primary slave and I have it on the (right) Primary IDE channel. My target is on the left and configured as Secondary Master on the secondary IDE channel.


    Furthermore I have my bios to boot from the CDROM, which it does.

    The only thing that I can think of, which instantcake didn't mention, is in the Bios before the 'Boot Options' my system has an option
    to configure each Primary and Secondary device.

    IIRC, the options are CDROM, User defined, Bypass/turn off, and something else which escaped me.

    For example if I press enter on Primary Master, I will get those four options.

    I even tried to configure this but to no avail.

    Can anyone help?

    Its probably something really simply but whatever it is I can't figure it out.

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