Privacy Protection versus Ad Blockers

Discussion in 'Forum Operations Center' started by Percipient, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Haven't visited here in a long while and received this message:

    Your attention is required
    Aw Snap! Our system sees that an "AdBlocker" is installed in your browser. This makes us sad as any visitor here can help to support this site by allowing the ads to display. Please be so kind to help support this site by whitelisting us in your AdBlocker. Which of course will also stop this annoying message and make us happy again. :)

    I don't use an ad blocker, but I do use Privacy Badger. It advertises itself as preventing websites from sharing personal information with advertisers. Most websites I visit seem to work fine with Privacy Badger, I can see ads, but as an experiment I just visited and looked up "extension cords", then clicked on one of the items. One ad appeared on the page. Then I turned Privacy Badger off and refreshed the page, and now I can see two additional ads.

    So it all depends upon whether Privacy Badger thinks the ad has some Javascript behind it that is sharing personal information with the advertiser. How accurately Privacy Badger makes this determination I do not know.

    For the TiVo Community Forum, if Privacy Badger is properly doing its job then I shouldn't be flagged for using an ad blocker. And if Privacy Badger is acting more like an ad blocker then a privacy protection tool, then that would be good to know, too.


    PS - If anyone else is seeing the same strange formatting in the posted message that I'm seeing then I apologize, but when I edit the message it looks fine.
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    As has been discussed in several threads here already, there are many things that will trigger the message besides a traditional ad blocker such as these addons and host file edits.

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