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    Jan 8, 2006
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    Baseball season is coming soon and want to set my TiVo to record anything with "MLB Baseball" as the title, and "New York Yankees" as the keyword. I have it set to keep 1 game until space is needed, so the next game it'll automatically record over it.

    This will work, however with complicated sports broadcasting agreements, sometimes it's on the local regional sports channel, sometimes ESPN, sometimes Fox, sometimes Fox Sports 1, sometimes MLB Network, sometimes the local OTA channel.

    Sometimes it appears to TiVo that it is on multiple channels at once, however certain airings on channels are blacked out and actually airing a different game with teams outside my region. Is there a way to prioritize the channels the wishlist picks up, and only record 1 airing at a time? I'd like the prioritization to be Regional Sports Network -> Local OTA -> ESPN -> Fox -> Fox Sports 1 -> MLB Network.

    I could potential do this by setting the show "MLB Baseball" to record on each of these channels and prioritize it in my Season Pass manager, however with 6 tuners I'm afraid it will record a bunch of them at once if "MLB Baseball" is airing on multiple channels, and I am bound to pickup games I don't want.

    Anyone understand what I'm looking for here? Any ideas? Thanks
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    Jul 19, 2006
    There is not a way to do that for you.

    Personally, I would just set it to keep 2 (or 3). I find it unlikely for it to possibly be listed on more than 2 stations in a given market for any given game (I could be wrong, but I just doubt it). I would start with that and if you miss a game or two then you know that you will have to come up with another method. If you are good a keeping up with things, you can pick from the wish list what you want recorded (either by cancelling recordings or by disabling the auto-record functionality and picking what you want).

    Good luck.
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    Dec 25, 2006
    One suggestion is the following wishlist. Include MLB as a keyword. Add New York Yankess as another keyword. Lastly, include "black*" as a keyword in the wishlist. Do not include the apostrophes but do include the asterisk *. Then press thumb down for black* as a keyword. This may stop the Tivo from recording any games that are described in the show desciption as blacked out in your viewing area. While this method is not fool proof, it will likely limit multiple recordings of the same game.
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    Blackout is not really in the description though. It is some type of tag that can't be found by a wishlist search.
  5. wml1950

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    Dec 25, 2006


    For many sporting events, blackout is listed within the show description on the banner when you are surfing from channel to channel. I use a similar system to record silent movies. I include a keyword of "silent" even though the word silent is not listed in the title of the movie. It is possible that the word "blackout" may not be considered in the description but more like 1080i. In this case, the three tier wishlist keyword may not work.
  6. macjeepster

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    Sep 2, 2007
    This could cause you to miss any Yankees - Black Sox games :cool:

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