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    Currently have a Series 2 and a TiVo HD. Both units are grandfathered in on the $6.95 monthly plan.

    If I buy another HD off eBay, I can just replace the Series 2 with the "new to me" unit and still keep the $6.95/month pricing. Correct?

    I cannot go buy a new Premier and keep the same pricing.

    Do I have this right? Wanting to get hubby an HDTV of some sort for the bedroom. I know that the picture is going to look like crap with the Series 2, plus it's been freezing for quite some time now. Needs to be replaced and with something HD capable. But, I need to keep my $6.95/month pricing.

    EDIT TO ADD: What if I buy a brand new TiVo HD from ebay? Just found some of those as well. Does the fact they are "new" units make me unable to swap one out with my current unit? Grrrrr! I hate trying to figure out TiVo pricing! This shouldn't be this hard.
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    Yes, you should be able to simply do a "Change service number" operation from your online account at
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    Figuring out TiVo's pricing isn't hard trying to figure out someway to pay less is.

    $6.95/mo was the Multi Service Discount (MSD) at one time. Do you have another unit that you are paying or paid (lifetime) the full service cost for that is still on your account and connects to the TiVo service? If not and the second $6.95 unit is a result of a retention offer you may find you will loose one of the $6.95 rates if you try and sub in a different unit.

    You can call and ask before you do anything. Get the conversations reference number so you can go back to it.

    Good Luck,
  4. Jstkiddn

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    Oct 15, 2003

    I've had the $6.95 price for years and I do believe it was some sort of retention offer at some point on one of the units. I know at least one unit was a multi-service discount.

    To be clear, I only have two units and I pay $6.95/mo for each unit. No lifetime and no contracts were ever on either unit. These two particular units have always been $6.95/month since I bought them new.

    That said, when I bought my current HD Tivo, I replaced a Series 2 that was on the $6.95 plan. Just changed the unit number online and I still retained the $6.95 with the new unit. But they've changed so many things lately and made so many rules that I'm not sure what will happen this time.
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    There are 2 separate subscription pricing tiers and it is 19.99/14.99 on the Premiere/XL.
    All others are 12.95/9.95 or even the 6.95.

    You may be able to grab a Tivo HD with lifetime from Ebay.

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