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    This also grinds my gears. I activated 2 boxes in july 2018. Bolt was 14.99 and my Roamio was 9.99 which I thought was fair. I added a Premiere last week and it was 14.99 and tivo would not even discuss a lower price. I just read up on pricing plans and as of 2017 it seemed like everything was 14.99 no MSD.(multi service discount). Question is why did my Roamio slip under the radar in July of 2018?? Its a principle thing...$40 in box rentals and what 15.50 in cablecard rental?? Maybe put the Roamio to sleep for a couple years and enjoy te4 for a while. I will record as much as I can on the roamio for now.
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    Try for a lifetime on the Premier. They should offer something like $99 for that old thing.
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