President's Town Hall 9/15

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    Tonight's "Presidential" Town Hall special on ABC is now planned to air at 9:30pm (Eastern & Pacific) but will not be broadcast live. They are taping at 5:30 (for an unspecified length of time) and then packaging it to air in a 90-minute timeslot.

    The title for the event has undergone some tweaks in various sources:
    "Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Questions"
    "The President and the People"
    20/20 (special)

    None of the above are shown on listings, so I imagine a lot of TiVo owners might not have this in their schedules either.
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    TE4 has it. Side effect of 3x daily updates.

    My TE3 boxes haven't had an update since Sunday.
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    Titan TV shows 90 minutes, starting at 9 pm ET. My Tivo guide shows the same. I'm recording as it will likely need a lot of FF.

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