Preparing hard drive(s) to use in another Premiere

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by dwit, Jun 19, 2011.

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    In trying to help an aquaintance get a Premiere(from here on referred to as the target) up and running, I offered to use my Premiere and the JMFS program to re-image the possibly corrupted original drive, and also image and expand another 2 TB drive. I do not have access to the target Premiere itself. I have only the hard drives in hand.

    I have run the JMFS program on both drives. For each of these drives, I have done a "Clear and Delete Everything" in my Premiere. Now, each consistently boots to the "Welcome-choose location" screen, in my machine.

    I am concerned as to the best state to leave these newly prepared drives:

    Should I have done the CDE in my unit. Will they boot to that "Welcome-Choose location" screen when installed in the target unit, and be able to proceed with guided set up?

    Or should I have not done the CDE in my unit?

    Or will the target unit be able to run guided set up, but still have to do a CDE to marry the drive to the target(and hence, do set up again)?

    Thanks for any advice, preferably from those with actual experience with this scenario.

    Thanks again.
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    This, I think.

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