Prepare Upgraded Drive without Clear and Delete Everything?

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by stephan00035, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Is there a way to prepare an upgraded drive from another Tivo so that you do not need to do a clear and delete everything after you start the upgraded drive the first time? I know that if I do an upgrade and then install that drive in another Tivo it will have the error message and won't be able to record until I do the clear and delete everything but is there a way to prepare the disk in the copying process or any way to prepare a disk so that it just works in the new Tivo without any error messages or a requirement for a clear and delete everything?

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    You have a drive in TiVo A and want to use that drive in TiVo B, is that correct?

    Are they the same model of TiVo?

    Other than being too small, is there anything wrong with the drive currently in TiVo B?
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    If you want to preserve your recordings, you should transfer them to a PC before you take the drive to the other Tivo, since the drive was encoded on different Tivo, you have to run clear and delete everything to remove the encryption and start anew. Next, you can transfer the shows back over.

    The recordings are encrypted along with the recording Tivo's service number.
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    You do the C&DE in the Tivo it came from (or a TiVo), but turn the TiVo of before the post C&DE reboot. If you want to image a drive, then take an image before the post C&DE reboot.

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