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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by oly, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. oly

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    Apr 21, 2003
    I have decided to go with the one year pre-paid pricing plan at $99 a year (I am a current subscriber). When my one year pre-paid pricing plan is up, will I have the option of re-subscribing for an additional year (at the then going rate) or will I only have the option of going month to month?
  2. classicsat

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Ontario Canada.
    If they still offer the one year MSD prepay, you could at least cancel and re-up.
  3. scandia101

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    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    Prepaid automatically reverts to monthly at the end of the term. If you want to prepay again, you'll need to call Tivo to set it up because it can't be done online.

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