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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Balzer, Aug 31, 2011.

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    I have an annoying problem that I *think* started after 14.8c was pushed to my new Premiere. I use OTA, no cable, and while each tuner is tuned to an existing channel, the screen will start stuttering/freezing/pixelating on both tuners. My signal and SNR numbers are fine. If I change one tuner to a non-existant channel (so it's not recording anything), the channel on the other tuner will work fine. If I put the first tuner back on an existing channel, both channels start stuttering again. In addition, when I am watching a recorded program, the same thing starts happening. Again, if I change the tuners to a non-existant channel, the recorded show works properly again. It comes and goes, working fine for a while, then stuttering/pixelating for awhile. But it's usually unwatchable if both tuners are tuned to existing channels. But the signal/SNR numbers never change.

    Now, this could also be a hard drive problem, which I am considering also. I do have a 500GB DVR Expander attached which was left over from my TivoHD that died a few weeks ago. But the Premiere is only a few weeks old, and it was working beautifully with the Expander until the time 14.8c was installed around August 25th or so. Both drives have passed the SMART tests.

    I am in the process of transferring my recorded shows to a computer so I can disconnect the DVR Expander and try it that way. Maybe that is the problem. I have had that Expander on my TivoHD for several years, since they were first released.

    Anyway, I am posting here just in case anyone else is noticing similar issues. I did call Tivo and they are going to be tracking it just case there is an issue with the software update. But I guess if I'm the only one, it's probably something with my setup. We'll see...

    *** Update ***

    Yea.. I should have known.. Removing the old DVR Expander seems to have fixed it. I was too quick to suspect the software update since it was working perfectly until that update was installed. Silly me.

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