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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by phone man, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Nov 4, 2011


    After reading conflicting information regarding Tivo Premiere's ATSC tuner performance, I'm happy to report, at least in my case, there's no significant difference between the Tivo Premiere and my new Sony (or my four year old Sony HDTV for that matter) when it comes to ATSC tuner sensitivity.

    My OTA setup is as follows...
    Channel Master 4228HD antenna mounted 30' off the ground, 5' above the roof with a clear view and no large obstacles, trees, houses etc for 800'.
    Antennas Direct CPA-19 pre amp
    60' RG6 coax feeding Sony KDL 46-EX620 in living room where Tivo is located
    110' RG6 coax to bedroom feeding older Sony HDTV.
    Broadcast towers are 38 to 65 miles away all about the same direction, 2 edge since I'm in a long shallow valley.

    For the purpose of testing I disconnected the bedroom and fed the Tivo and Sony from a 2 way splitter. Over the last two days, when my two weakest channels were at the very edge of pixelation and drop out ( like every afternoon), I switched between the Tivo and Sony repeatedly. If one was having trouble the other was also though I will say the Sony would drop out a bit less but it was still unwatchable. At no time was there a big difference between the two.
    I know better than to pay much attention to the signal strength meters for either unit but I did look closer at the SNR figures. They seemed to be within a dB of each other. Both would drop out when the SNR fell below 14.5 to 15 dB. And both were fine if the SNR figure was say 17 and steady.
    I'm still evaluating the Tivo overall but am very happy to find the tuner performance is at least as good as what I'm used to. It will make the transition to OTA/internet and away from CATV much easier.

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