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    I am moving into a new house and will be using an OTA antenna for my two premiere two-tuner units (lifetime so I want to keep them). Each of the units will be in different rooms on the second floor and neither will have access to a ethernet wall jack or a cable jack. The router will be on the first floor. I have been researching my options and trying to make sense of them. Am I correct that my simplest options are powerline adapters or wireless adapters to plug into the Tivo’s. It seems that neither one of these options are very reliable, so I am hoping there are other options. I was looking at possibly upgrading to one of the newer mesh systems, but unless I am misunderstanding them...if I want to connect each Tivo to a node by an ethernet cable, all of the child nodes have to be connected back to the parent node with an ethernet cable. Any help would be appreciated as I am a bit clueless. Thanks.
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    For Wireless connections, only the Tivo Wireless G (usb) will work in the Tivo. There is the Tivo Wireless N, but its an ethernet bridge that connect to the ethernet port. Any wireless ethernet bridge works as long as it connects to the ethernet port.

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