Premiere and Premiere XL stop booting after recent update

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    I have a 2 x Premiere and 1 x Premiere XL TiVo Series 4 DVRs. Two of them stopped booting after a recent update. The sequence is "Welcome, powering up." After a few minutes, the screen goes blank, where it should normally say "Almost there, just a few more minutes", but instead stays blank.

    Connecting to the serial header inside the units, and booting with:

    boot "root=/dev/sda7 dsscon=true"

    Show that the unit get to the point of loading SAA7164 firmware. It then hangs at this point. I've tried booting them dozens of times. Around 1 in 20, the firmware loader will say something about a corrupt image, and continue booting, at which point the unit seems to work fine.

    I also have another Premiere which always boots fine. I noticed the commonality is that the 2 that boot 1 in 20 have an NXP version of the SAA7164, and the one that always boots has a Trident version.

    Kernel version in all cases is:

    Linux version 2.6.18-5.1 (build@jenkslave-client1) (gcc version 4.2.0) #1 SMP Thu Sep 8 01:46:32 PDT 2016

    Full boot log from failing boot:

    It hangs just before the line below for about 10 seconds:

    [466] HpkStateDaemon, 477: WaitForDaemonInit() HpkStateDaemon failed to init!!!

    Successful boot:

    Note the line below that doesn't show up in the failed case:

    saa7164: image downloaded successfully, waiting for image to boot...
    saa7164: image booted successfully

    If anyone else has these symptoms, I'd love to know. I bet TiVo knows about the problem, but there isn't a good way to recover a unit in this state, since it hasn't booted far enough to connect to the update servers. I'd like to collect anyone else who has had this issue to go to TiVo to force them to provide a fix, especially for the units with a Lifetime service on them.

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