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    May 4, 2014
    Hi folks... hope someone has an idea for me.

    A friend recently moved from an apartment to an assisted living facility. She has TiVo Premiere 4. At her apartment she used a cable card from the service provider and all worked great. However, because the assisted living facility is wired much a hospital would be (QAM) she cannot use a cable card; it interferes with the signal. This particular unit required a cable card to operate.
    Anyone have any ideas of a workaround for this type of situation?

    I spoke to the cable company (same as was in her apt) and they were the ones that told me about QAM and the wiring. Talked to Sean at TiVo today and he is going to investigate more but I thought perhaps someone else out there may have run across a situation like this.

    Any and all ideas are appreciated.

    Thanks, Bethann
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    A Premiere does not REQUIRE a cable card. It does make the box more friendly.

    First, you will get no useful guide. The guide expects a cable card and it is how the clear QAM channels become pretty numbers.

    Are you going to record programs? If so, they will all be manual.

    Lets say you can run a channel scan. How many channels do you receive? It would be much easier if you could do this with a TV and get the channel numbers.

    After the TiVo does the channel scan you will have to manually enable those channels you want to watch. That's in Settings, Channels, Channel List. Make the ones you want Favorites also.

    Make the guide ("A" option) display favorites. There are your manual channels. Make a list. If 17.401 is NBC, that's why you need a list. Good luck.

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