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    i don't know if powerline will work in my setup but i thought it was the first thing i should try since wireless i am to understand is a bad idea for video- netflix streaming ect.. Can someone advise me a product or should i just look for the cheapest solution? Amazon has a good return policy right? Here are some. Any that stand out?

    From above link i see a refurbished NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Adapter Kit, as well as a a new Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001; both selling for about $60. Either of these a good choice? The AV 200 has faster speed right? May not benefit from faster speed though?
    if powerline wont work then the next thing i should try is moca is this right? Im trying to get a new s4 tivo in a shack in the yard. I believe comcast cable already has it wired for tv.
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    You would not get any better speed quite as fast, whether its wired, wireless or any other type. You may get speeds at near to your internet speed as possible on tasks such as streaming. Transferring video can be slower on pc <-> tivo or tivo <-> tivo, because there are encoding processes involved.
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    Aug 24, 2005
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    I also asked at AVS forum and was told these would both be ok for 720p but for 1080p I should get NETGEAR XAVB5001 Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit for $115 at Amazon. Is this so? If so, I'm wondering if my Tivo will actually ever beneficent from it since I'm not sure I'll be doing 1080p anytime soon. Otherwise I'm better off just getting a cheaper 85Mbps solution is that right? Amazon has refurbished Netgear 85Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit - XETB1001 for $45 -$17 off new price. Is this a good buy? Or should I be considering a MOCA solution instead? If so what?
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    I'm biased toward MoCA, but if you are just streaming 2-5Mbps Netflix video, even wireless is OK in many cases (small home or if the router is near your TiVo). However, if you want to transfer files to/from TiVo(s) (multiroom viewing or transfer to PC), a wired connection is best.

    If you have Verizon FioS, you can buy just one MoCA adapter and plug it into the FioS network. If you have cable, then you need one MoCA unit by your router and one by your TiVo:

    There's more info and links to purchase here, and this site has good info on what to expect from wireless in a typical home at various spots in the house:
    (I can't post links, so google: 'smallnetbuilder moca adapter kit reviewed')
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    Just my 2 Cents worth I am still sorting it out myself I am looking at the Actiontec MoCa pair for $155 at Amazon.com.

    My thoughts:
    Most homes in the US use single split-phase, 240 V that separates into 2 120V circuits running through the house is the powerline adapter able to cross the circuits? Is the out building on the same AC wiring as the house or is it on a separate circuit that will block the powerline adapter?

    A quick search found this comparison http://mocablog.net/tag/powerline/

    If the speed of wireless N is not fast enough will the additional 10Mbps be enough?
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    I used an old Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 adapter pair for I think it was around four years and they worked fine enough (still being used by someone I gave them to), but then back in December 2010 I replaced them with the Netgear XAVB5001 and I would definitely recommend this powerline adapter kit to anyone. Back before the Actiontec MegaPlug days, I was using a wireless bridge for a few years, to network the two ends of my house, but I'd never go back to that nonsense again.
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    Apr 9, 2001
    I have done Netflix over WiFi.. one router acting as a bridge to the main router.. haven't ever seen a problem that I would attribute to it being wireless vs wired.

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