Possible to swap zippered drive?

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by falstaffpac, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Nov 12, 2003


    I just retired an old dtivo b/c tuner #1 was starting to go out. The dtivo had a zippered drive which I harvested. I replaced the old dtivo with a spare dtivo which also had a zippered drive. FWIW, the 2 dtivo boxes are the same make/model.

    While setting up the spare dtivo, I must have messed up the network configuration. I get 3 green lights on my USB adapter, but cannot access the dtivo via telnet. I'm unable to ping the dtivo (I pinged a range of IP addresses from - and couldn't ping the dtivo. I've also looked at my router to try and identify the dtivo, but the router doesn't see it either).

    Would it be possible to simply swap out the HD from my old dtivo into the current dtivo? I'm wondering if swapping the HDs would be a quick fix so I can access the dtivo again via telnet or ftp. Or, is my only option at this point to re-zipper the current drive?

    (At the moment, I'm recovering from a leg injury so I'm unable to pull the drive, take it downstairs and hook it up to my desktop computer to re-zipper it, for the next 7 weeks. So, I'm looking for a shortcut.)

    Thanks for any insight,
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    Jun 17, 2011
    Swapping the drives should work, but you'd need to also install and run 51killer.tcl as the old HD is married to the old dtivo. If the old drive hadn't been superpatched previously, any old recordings would become useless (encryption is specific to the box the shows are recorded on).

    The other thing is, if you can use a Tivo null modem cable on the spare dtivo, you could go to the /enhancements directory on the spare drive and run net-launch.sh to set a new network configuration (or to check the current setup using net-status.tcl)

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