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Discussion in 'DVD TiVo Units (Archive)' started by barb624, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. barb624

    barb624 New Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    I'd much rather lurk here and read all the posts, but alas here I am forced to do this posting due to problems I'm experiencing with a new Humax DRT800. Hoping you experts here will have some input.

    I am going on my 3rd yr. owning a plain vanilla 40 hr. Tivo box, and wanted to upgrade the family's viewing pleasure with this new unit. So, I know a bit about Tivo, am not a total novice, but am also not a techno-geek, so be kind guys ;)

    Have hooked this unit up per the illustration in the book, with composite cables going from my cable box [a Scientific Atlanta HD] to the Humax then to my Sony HD TV, model KDF-42WE655. I have gone thru so many configurations with this thing trying to get it to work , it's becoming a blurrrrrr. If my memory does serve me well, I recall first setting this up and the picture being just fine ... for about a day . Well, then I turn it on and the picture on my TV is really weird...all these "hatch" marks, as best I can describe them.[I think possibly in the HD LCD TV World, it could be termed as "drop out" on the picture...is that the correct term?] Like little vertical and horizontal slashes, very small but all over the screen. Thinking it might be a cable [cord] issue, I think well maybe I'll upgrade to a component cable. After all, the book does say for better picture quality go there. A hundred bucks later, I bring the new cable home, hook it up and same crappy picture. I call Humax and they say, well try an S-Video. Do that, and I don't get a picture at all, just a black screen. Is it me? What am I doing wrong here? Humax did intimate the dirty words, "possibly a defective hard drive". Do you think that's what it could be? I read some other threads here and am a little nervous about sending it back to Humax...some people have stated that I will get back a refurbished DRT800, not a brand new unit like I originally purchased. I'm frustrated and feeling like a knuckle-head :mad: that I can't get this to work, any help and/or input would be immensely appreciated!
  2. petew

    petew Active Member

    Jul 31, 2003
    Pittsburg, CA
    Does sound like a defective unit. I believe Humax will take a charge against a CC and ship out a new unit before you return the old one. Getting a refurb is probably not as bad as it sounds. At least with a refurb someone has tested it and fixed what ever was wrong in the first place. Who knows what might be wrong with a new unit straight off the production line.
  3. bbc30

    bbc30 New Member

    Jul 27, 2005
    Mine came with 5.1 something but when it upgraded to 7.1 the poor picture issues went away.

    Try to force an upgrade if you don't have 7.1.
  4. Longdongsilver69

    Longdongsilver69 New Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    For the has mark issue. i had it at first after software update. i went into the video settings flipped on then off progressive mode, i think, might have been the other video setting unrelated to 16:9 but it went away and hasn't returned try that.
  5. barb624

    barb624 New Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Pete, I took your advice. Returned said unit. I had bought it off of Ebay and in my pure excitement of getting a new Tivo didn't thoroughly look thru the "feedback" on the particular member I bought it from. When I went back and looked seemed all of the negative commentary was from people who had gotten defective units from this guy. I applied a little pressure and he agreed to take it back. Tivo website is running specials right now on this same unit, refurbished for an unbelieveable price, after rebate. I'm probably gonna go this route after your logic of the refurbished vs. new, and I feel more comfortable buying it directly from Tivo. Will post here after it's received and let you guys know what I find. Thanks for all of the help!
  6. John Oakwood

    John Oakwood New Member

    Jan 18, 2006
    You may want to buy a tivo from Digitalrecorder. They add larger hard drives for not that much more money - which means more to record and enjoy!

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