Poor Maxtor warranty support from Seagate

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by pan4life, Feb 6, 2007.

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    Since the switchover to the Seagate RMA system I have had a few very annoying problems that stand to impact a lot of people in this community if not resolved. I have had two different problems so far.

    Issue #1, Seagate has not transferred all Maxtor warranty data into their system yet, they don't seem to be in any rush if they ever in fact plan to correct it. This so far has affected 2 older Maxtor Maxline II drives that I had running inside PCs & an Array but that I know some people have inside their TiVos. I got a whole bunch of the drives a year or so ago and they were warrantied for 3 years from date of manufacture with the lookup from Maxtor.com, many of them till late '07. I RMA'd a few since then with Maxtor with no problem. When they switched to the Seagate RMA system there was a brief period of about 2 weeks I believe where you could still look up the warranty info on Maxtor.com but had to do the RMA on Seagate.com. One of my drives failed and showed warranty till Sep '07 on Maxtor.com and Component / No Warrany on Seagate.com. I emailed Seagate about the descrepancy and they opened an RMA for me without much fuss. Then about a month later another drive went and by this time the warranty lookup on Maxtor.com is gone. So I emailed them and was told that the drive had no warranty and was sold to an OEM which is not the case. I explained the situation and was then told that they would honor it if I showed an original receipt from '04 which I of course don't have. We went back and forth and finally I sent off a nasty letter letting them know that I have it in writing that they are missing data, that I don't need a stinking receipt, and that since it's their fault they need to warranty me for 3 years from manufacture date which was the terms when the drive was purchased (3 years on all Maxline II drives.) After that they agreed to the RMA. So now I have another one that's starting to fail....and it's another back and forth argument...it's really unfair and a bother to have to argue about getting a failed drive replaced because they screwed up the transition of some information.

    Issue #2, a Quickview 6L250R0 (Quickview listed in upper-right instead of DiamondMax and stamped across front) drive I was using in my TiVo failed, and it was replaced via RMA with a DiamondMax 10 6L250R0 - not quickview. Similar, but not the same as we well know and I paid a premium to buy a quickview drive. I sent several emails about the problem over a week period and got no response. Finally I called and spoke to someone. They had a hard time understanding how I got the same model number back but that it wasn't the right drive...and I gotta say I don't entirely blame them, how stupid was it to use the same model number. But ultimately he says he understands and issues me a new RMA and says he's noted that I am to receive a Quickview DVR grade drive. So I package the sealed DiamondMax10 drive back up along with a polite note that explains the situation, that my original drive was a Quickview, that I need it for a TiVo, and to PLEASE not send me another DiamondMax 10 drive. Shipped it out, waited, got my replacement today, you guessed it. DiamondMax 10. Wasted the shipping charge to get the same drive back. No note, call, or email of course. Yes I know I can and probably will use this drive for the TiVo but it's not right. I bought a DVR grade drive and that's what I should get back. If Maxtor is out of stock on Quickview, send me a Seagate DB35 instead, no problem, which I did mention on the phone.

    So...anyone else have a similar experience or any thoughts/comments? Even forgetting the issue with the older Maxline drives.....I figure that if this is not corrected there are going to be a lot of people who bought Quickview drives and are not going to be very happy about getting a regular drive back if they have a failure. That's the whole reason they paid extra to get a quickview in the first place. I have made a request via the website for a manager to get back to me but I'm not hopeful. I don't know if others disagree but I think this is a big deal and it's worth doing whatever I can to get it fixed.

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