Plex on TiVo - laggy interface?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by JeffW907, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Henryr

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Franklin, TN
    I think this is going to be the biggest variable. Some folks are running Plex on a NAS (underpowered, designed to be JUST a NAS!) and others are running it on i7 hardware. Even i7 "hardware" doesn't mean you have a good set up. Not knowing how many other process are running on ANY system it’s hard to knock Plex without any context.

    I just bought the lifetime pass for Plex. It's evolving and I think it’s going to be a viable replacement to my Media Center set-up that has been in place for year.
    BTW, just got back into TiVo. Other than Roamio, doesn't look like I missed much. :|
  2. herbroleknotty

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    Jan 2, 2015
    I don't think context matters all that much. If a user can stream plex to every other device, and only has trouble with tivo, then it's pretty clear where the problem lies. If it's a configuration issue, then it would be nice if tivo or plex gave us some support documentation. Instead we're kind of left hanging, wondering if the tivo box just can't handle the task.
    By the way, I'm running plex server on an older desktop dual core 3 gigs of ram etc.
  3. cybergrimes

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    Jun 14, 2015
    Hey guys, just ordered my first TiVo (Roamio OTA) and have been lurking to learn more from everyday user threads here. I just wanted to chime in my experiences with Plex-- they have no problem releasing a laggy interface, be it the software or underpowered hardware of the rendering device. I'm a gen1 Google TV owner, started using Plex on that device back in late 2011 and it was always a slow affair. It did not matter if the server was an x86 desktop or NAS device. The only way to keep it useable was turning off a lot of features like background art, etc. I eventually quit using Plex altogether when Plex Pass became the big push but support of the product remains limited to forums only, no email or telephone for a product with an ongoing or lifetime payment. Don't get me wrong, it's great software when you've got a powerful machine on both ends of the stream. I just feel like they've reached a point where they've targeted too many devices but fail to fully resolve all of the issues the users experience across all the platforms.
  4. JBDragon

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    I have all my movies and other content on my NAS, but the PLEX server runs on my high end Windows i7 systems, and the PLEX Database is on it's own SSD drive on my computer!!!

    So Plex is normally pretty snappy on my ROKU and Xbox system's etc, but on the TIVO it's pretty laggy!!! The 720P limitation doesn't help either. I hope it can get better in time. If it's your only option, OK, but PLEX runs on many different devices. My Roamio is a great device for what it does mainly, and that's record all my programs from a Antenna. But for PLEX, it's not very good. It's a pretty slow client from all the others I have. I guess it's better then nothing. It's still not on my Tivo Mini yet!!! Or iheartradio for that matter. I have a TON of content indexed with PLEX. So maybe that adds to the slowness that I'm seeing on PLEX though the Roamio box. I'm about as best as you could ever get for a PLEX Server speed wise.

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