Please help us find a way to OPT-OUT of the disruptive emergency alert system messages!

Discussion in 'TiVo Suggestion Avenue' started by jmccorm, May 11, 2017.

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    your service provider/local broadcast station(s) is doing it wrong, please escalate your complaint through, and they will forward to your local cable company (i have had success using this process).
  2. Taco Corp

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    Jun 5, 2017

    The interruptions and alert/radar CG overlays scattered across the screen during programming are bad enough, but these peacocking weathermen are another level. "Hey Gus, let's head over to our Storm Tracker Doppler Twenty-Eight-Thousand SkyCam, brought to you by "AmericInn Hotels and Suites", and check out the 3D cross-section of this rain cloud. As you can see, this precipitation is lightly coming down here at an angle which means...."

    ... which means I get to hear you drone on for 30 minutes to 2 hours, in boring detail, about how we're looking at this week's "storm of the decade". I'm pretty sure this is how these guys get off, by ruining an entire region's enjoyment of prime-time television.
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    Nov 25, 2018
    Not exactly a solution, but an alternative, if you have a blueray player or other smart device then use that as a preferred means of streaming. Won’t solve the issues with recording but at least you can stream without interruptions. I have the same problem with my TiVo however I can win some battles by opting to utilize other smart devices for streaming. I still need my TiVo for cable but at least I can watch a movie without getting interrupted by weather alerts. Again not the best solution but I can see no other way to avoid the interruptions through TiVo.
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    My favorite weather alerts are the ones where they describe in minute detail the exact position of the storm "From 13 meters north of Squirrel Tail grove, to 5 meters south of Button Eye inlet...". All using landmarks no one on the planet has ever heard of or knows the location of. Then 10 minutes later they come back on because while they were spending a half hour describing the position, it moved, so they need to update the position with new landmarks you never heard of...
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    Use this at your own risk. EAS exists for a reason. If you get yourself killed, don't blame me.

    The EAS alert comes through the coaxial. I imagine getting an A/B splitter to effectively cut the cable signal would help while watching recordings and apps. However, you wouldn't be able to record while doing this.

    If someone is going to try avoiding the EAS alerts, which I'm not advising, I'd suggest at the very least get an emergency weather radio.

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    Alerts for 5 house town vice 1 million population center drives me nuts too.
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    Jul 13, 2019
    It’s annoying that the fact they decided to use an EAS bulletin instead of a scroll message. And BTW during severe weather in North Texas, It sucks so bad because the EAS interrupts you for every warning that is issued. Even for severe thunderstorm warnings they will interrupt program. Not only that, We get amber alerts on TV.

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    My issue is the tests that occur after midnight on different days/times on cable for local stations. It means the TiVo switches to live TV and locks the channel until the test is over.

    As for being required by CableLabs, the actual cable box that is supposed to match Cablecard functionality according to the FCC, allows me to switch away from the alert without issue once it has started. Why doesn't the TiVo?

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