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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by babyyin, Jan 19, 2007.

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    I am not electronically savvy. Please, does anyone know how to connect a TiVo Dual Turner + Tv +DVD recorder + cable box + video enhancer (Sima CT-2)? Do I connect the video enhancer between my TiVo & DVD recorder OR between the Tivo & cable box? How would I record a show that is in my Now Playing list to my DVD recorder using this set up? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)
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    Here's one way to do it, but there are several alternatives:
    Splitter  -- Cable Box
      |               |
    Tivo <------------+
    Video Enhancer
    DVD Recorder
    You may want to split the cable three ways and have the DVD recorder get line-in from the Tivo as well as cable. It'll only be able to directly record analog. You can still record digital channels through Tivo, but it will be a little bit more complicated and you can't do timed recordings, although generally speaking you wouldn't be able to do that with the DVD recorder anyway.

    There are other options, too. After the video enhancer, you may want to split the A/V cables to go to both the TV and the DVD Recorder (especially if you've also connected the cable to your DVD recorder).

    To record something that's in your list, you'd just record from line in on the DVD player (I'm assuming it lets you do that - if not, there are still other options) and hit play on the Tivo.

    There's all sorts of options. You could split the cable again and have it go directly to the TV. If your TV has multiple A/V inputs, you have extra options there, too. A setup like that can become extremely flexible (but more complicated for some people) the more you split signals and have them going to multiple destinations.

    I'm assuming in all of this that the cable is carrying analog as well as digital (that's how it usually is, but not always). Also, only devices connected to the cable box are going to be able to get premium (digital and/or scrambled) channels.

    Basically (I don't know if this is in the book), you're going to set it up as you would with a cable box and a VCR. The only addition you have is the video enhancer. Assuming that takes an RCA or S-Video signal and "enhances" it, it would go after the Tivo box. The reason is because then it can enchance channels tuned by the analog tuner on the Tivo as well. You could put it between the Cable box and the Tivo, but then you'd only "enhance" the image from the digital cable box.

    Frankly, I've seen amplifiers help signals, but I've never really seen one of these enhancers do a whole lot. You'll be getting a pretty solid signal from the cable box. Moreover, the ones I've looked at are good for make backups of DVDs. You wouldn't need it to record from the Tivo to the DVD, you'd want it to record from a DVD player to a recorder.

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