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  1. SteelersTiVo

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Rochester, NY
    I finally broke down now that my Steelers are in the Super Bowl & am picking up a Magnavox 42" Widescreen Plasma HDTV with DVI-HDCP and VGA Inputs, Model: 42MF230A/3 from BestBuy on friday. It was a good excuse to get one and I didn't want to spend a fortune as this model is <$2K @ $100 off right now. Another plus I found out in my research is that it is made by Philips & sold under the Magnavox name to compete with the lower price brands. The picture looked about the same in the store anyway as the Philips model which was about $1K more...

    Since I bought a Plasma & heard all of the concerns I did plenty of research on power protection & came to the conclusion of buying the TRIPPLITE HTPOWERBAR10 for $79.98 from Staples. You have to order this item online or by phone as they do not carry it in their stores. Allow some time for shipping as it will take most of a week to come in. One of the main reasons I bought this was that it was the better model of the TRIPPLITE HT10DBS, which was recommended by audioholics.

    Also to plug another site I found was monoprice where I picked up some component & s-video cables in long lengths for a steal- check it out!

    My plan is to just use an HD antenna a friend gave me for the Super Bowl & network shows as I am too cheap to spend the $ right now on a new dish & D*TiVos after I just got them this fall. I will save all of the shows obviously in SD & I also have a ton of DVDs (>300) which will look fine on the new set.

    Going foward, my (1) ? would be if I need a new Dish to receive an HD signal, I currently have a Dual-LNB Dish, so it looks like I do...will this add additional cost to an already high-priced HD TiVo I will need? And if I wait which I plan on doing, can I then get an HD Dish when I re-up with DTV?

    Go Steelers!

  2. ebonovic

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    Jul 24, 2001
    First.... Does that particular Plasma have an HD Tuner in it?
    If not, then you are going to have to get one if you want to see the game in HD

    As for the future. Well, times are a changing comes 3/1/2006. DirecTV is going to a lease plan, and the details are foggy on what that will mean for us... As for costs and what you will get for free, ect.....

    But as it would stand today. Yes you would need to get a new dish... and it would be recommended just to go straight to the new AT9 5LNB dish, instead of just the 3LNB Phase III dish. (Even if it costed a little more), as the future of HD on DirecTV will require that 5LNB dish.

    The HR10-250 is pretty much discontinued (I am not even sure they are making any more)... As the HR20 (a non-TiVo powered) HD-DVR is set to be released in Q2/Q3 of this year.

    If you already have HD equipment, then the upgraded to the HR20 and the AT9 dish is supposed to be "freeish" (either free, or you pay shipping, or small fees).

    Over the next 3 months, we should have a better grasp on what things are going to cost.

    If you are planning to purchase a non-DVR HD reciever, the H20 is a good bet... as it does pretty well with OTA signals, and is the newest non-DVR HD box DirecTV offers.
  3. pudge44

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    Dave, good luck in XL.

    If you order an HD receiver from D*, it's my understanding that they'll throw in the dish. You'll need at least the 3-LNB dish, and if D* doen't yet offer HD locals in your area, you'll eventually need the 5-LNB dish to receive those when they become available in MPEG-4.

    It can't hurt to call D* and talk to them about your options. You can also call retention directly (check other threads for the #) and see what kind of deal they'll give you on the HD D-Tivo (the HR10-250, currently the only one on the market).

    The HR10 is going to be phased out because it does not receive MPEG-4. But, if you live in an area where you can use an over the air antenna to get your HD locals, you'll be fine with the HR-10.

    Hope this helps.
  4. SteelersTiVo

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Rochester, NY
    Thanks guys for all of the info!

    My TV does have a built-in tuner, so I am all set there.

    Locally, I can receive the HD signal over the air so I will be all set for now. Although this info is from other people as I do not have the set yet but will tomorrow, can't wait.

    It looks like I will plan on waiting based on this info until things are set at D* & get the 5-LNB, etc. when I am ready...

    Is that the actual Stanley Cup, pudge44? My wife & I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto a few yrs back & took some pics with it ourselves. Hockey is my 2nd favorite sport as I am a longtime Flyers fan (at least I stay in the same state as my Steelers :))


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