Planning for the future: Where do you guys think you're going from here with Tivo?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by texasdiver, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. texasdiver

    texasdiver New Member

    Jul 10, 2004


    Like many of you, I have a 2.5 year old HD Tivo machine which I'm basically happy with and don't want to touch. But these things aren't going to last forever, or even be useful forever.

    Looking at my options if my machine died tomorrow I'm scared. Damn scared. Most of the Tivo'ing we do is OTA and I absolutely need the ability to record two OTA channels while watching a 3rd recorded show.

    I know the non-Tivo discussion is to be done off site. I'm not looking to discuss all the merits of other systems, I'm just wondering if any of the rest of you live with the same sense of dread that I do, wondering how you'll live if someone takes your Tivo away.

    Personally I'd probably take a very hard look at Dish and their HD PVR as without Tivo or reasonably priced HD Sunday Ticket I have no reason to stay with DirecTV and I"m outside the range of cable. Personally I"m more loyal to Tivo than I am to DirecTV. What I'd really like is to see Tivo come out with a HD Tivo replacement machine that could be used with DirecTV or Dish. But I don't see that happening.
  2. mcblackman

    mcblackman Sophmore Member

    Sep 10, 2003
    Nice post texasdiver. I couldn't have said it better!
    I too am fed up with Directv and their Sunday Ticket prices.
    And I do not want to lose my HD-Tivo.

    But I don't know what I will do once my HR10-250 quits working.
  3. dishrich

    dishrich Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Springfield, IL
    Well one thing you can feel better on - unless D* one day decides to shut ALL Tivo's down, your OTA capability (both HD & SD) should be safe for a long time. Even assuming you NEVER get another HD box from D*, you STILL will be able to do OTA, as well as continuing doing any SD D* programming on your HD Tivo. And, even if you were to break down & get one of the "other" D* HD DVR's, there is NO reason why you can't continue using your HD Tivo for OTA HD. (of course understanding it won't pick up MPEG4 D* HD programming, which all of it will eventually being switching to)

    Seeing your needs right now, I don't think you have that much to worry about right now. Actually, the OTA recording as you mentioned is EXACTLY the reason why I got an HD Tivo not that long ago. I knew the MPEG4 HD DVR was coming out fairly soon, but the HD Tivo will still be good for OTA HD, as well as LOTS of SD capacity - so that's why I did it.
  4. jrock

    jrock Member

    Aug 27, 2002
    I have been with DirecTV since 2002 and I was an early adopter of the HR10-250. I have 2 of them now and love them. On the down side I can't get OTA, I live to far away and they wouldn't sign waivers so I also use Comcast but just for HD Locals. So I also have a new Series 3 which I love! Since I only have basic cable with HD its only about $20 a month on top of my Cable internet bill.

    As for my HR10-250 and worries of it dieing, if it dies its a high chance it's going to be a hard drive or HDMI card, and both I can fix myself and have already in the past with no problems. So that's not really an issue, if it happens to you just ask for help on here and many people can help you or you can go to and they will gladly fix it for a fee or you can purchase a prepared drive from them and install it yourself.

    What I am worried about is when they move the existing HD channels to the new satellites and become MPEG4. I am confident even when that happens I will be able to use my HD TiVo for all the SD recordings and you will still be able to use it for OTA recordings. What I plan to do then or even before then once the bugs are worked out is to get one of the new HR20's. They have a deal now where you can upgrade for $100 if you have an HR10-250 an they let you keep the old HR10-250 as well. I have been considering doing that but I'm not quite ready yet because they will have to put a new dish on, a new multi switch, and run more cables, etc.

    Once I get the new HR20 I will most likely still use the HR10-250 for all my SD stuff and the new HR20 for all the HD stuff. The HR20 has an ESATA port as well and its already unoficcially enabled so you can plug a large ESATA drive in and it will replace the internal drive and allow lots more space and even raid 0 multiple drive enclosers have been used (I read about this on another forum)

    Another option which isn't available in my area yet but I have read a lot of good things about is Verizon FIOS and you can use the new Series 3 HD TiVo with them. They also have a cool Home Media DVR for multi room use. If they came to my area I might consider purchasing a second S3 and getting the Multi Room Media DVR and dropping Comcast and pending on how good there service and channels are maybe eventually drop DirecTV but they may never get to my town, I'm out in the middle of no where.

    Sorry for talking about non TiVo stuff here but I do believe since DirecTV is dropping TiVo and a large number of TiVo users use DirecTV we should be able to discuss alternatives.

  5. DLR

    DLR New Member

    Sep 17, 2002
    SE Michigan


    One more year and then I'm gone. We are building a new home and due to location (heavily wooded) we will be unable to receive DirecTV. I plan on getting HD cable and using a Series 3 HD box.

    I will not give up Tivo, but the only DirecTV-related programming I will miss is the Sunday Ticket.
  6. Pab Sungenis

    Pab Sungenis Member

    Apr 13, 2002
    Vineland, NJ
    I've already purchased my Series 3. Once I have an S2DT for upstairs in the office the DirecTiVos all go on eBay and the bird is gone.
  7. TyroneShoes

    TyroneShoes HD evangelist

    Sep 6, 2004
    No Sh!t, Sherlock! :)

    Like you, I saw the handwriting on the wall, which is why I made sure I had 3 HR10's before they became unavailable. (I recommend the same path to you, hoping it's not too late).

    I hope they last long enough to where Tivo and a decent provider become a viable option once again. I feel a bit like Rod Taylor in "The Time Machine" (the 1960 movie) where he gets encased in solid lava-rock and has to wait/timetravel 838,000+ years for the stuff to erode down to where he can escape. (great movie in HD, BTW)
  8. fjwagner

    fjwagner New Member

    Jan 22, 2006
    Houston, Tx
    It is just TV, so I will probably live just fine. ;)
  9. majones

    majones Enhanced Member

    Sep 6, 2001

    Blasphemer! :)
  10. markrsmith83

    markrsmith83 New Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    Hamilton, NJ
    I've been with DirecTV since 1998. I have an HR10-250 and a Sony HD200 receiver (HD, non-DVR).

    I'm waiting until Verizon FIOS is available in my town (soon, supposedly). At that point, I'll consider switching to FIOS with a Series 3 (maybe two Series 3 if MRV is enabled) and dumping DirecTV. I don't like the direction that DirecTV is going.

    I'll also have to run the numbers to see how much difference there is between this option and DirecTV with an HR20 and H20. I'm less concerned with upfront box costs than with monthly costs.
  11. bidger

    bidger Active Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Elmira, NY
    I already have an HR20 and I'm fine with it. There are things it does that I wish TiVo could do and vice versa. There's only one ATSC broadcaster in my area and the other Grade A station keeps dragging their feet with FCC extensions. In order to get that one ATSC station, I'd have to put up a medium directional outdoor antenna and I've been dragging my feet over that. I get CBS & FOX from D* since I have waivers and if I had to choose two networks, those would be the ones (NFL).

    Since trying other DVRs, I don't find it a "death or TiVo" thing. Personally, I feel it's a bit overplayed. The HR20 has been pretty consistent with my only real issues recording Sunday Ticket games. The only thing I really miss on it is dual buffers, but that's why I held onto the HR10.

    My only option would be Time-Warner and they can't offer me the things I get with D*. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the D* tuner card that will be a Vista/Intel Viiv deal, as I understand it.

    I've been with TiVo for 6 years, but some of their recent decisions, pricing scheme in particular, baffle me. I wonder if they have anything left to pull out of their bag of tricks.
  12. mgoddard1

    mgoddard1 New Member

    Jun 2, 2004
    Once my hdtivo finally dies or directv makes it obsolete by offering new HD channels such as starzhd, cinemaxhd, etc. on mpeg4 channels then I'll probably go tivo series 3 with insight cable. I've stated the same thing to directv knowing that my one email won't make a difference but maybe if enough people do the same they'll listen and come out with a mpeg4 hdtivo. This may be wishful thinking on my part but you never know. I'd have to think that a majority of their 'A' list customers have hdtivos and that is not the group they want to alienate.
  13. bigpuma

    bigpuma Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2003
    Morgan Hill, CA
    Well I already replaced my HR10 with an HR20 and somehow I survived. Actually if the HR20 just added dual live buffers it would be perfect. It is already sooooooo much faster navigating the menus and starting a recorded program. Overall I prefer the HR20.

    ETA: In case D* is reading this. I would also like a true 30 second skip. :)
  14. oosik77

    oosik77 TiVo Maniac

    Nov 22, 1999
    When I can't do what I want with my HR10-250 I'm off to the S3. I want the Tivo software. Period.
  15. bidger

    bidger Active Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Elmira, NY
    Re. the 1st paragraph, I find myself using the HR20 now more than the HR10. TiVo people seem to play up the drama when it comes to other DVRs IMO, clouds their thinking.

    And I personally prefer the 30 sec. slip to the 30 sec. skip because I use it mostly with football and I can use the jump back button to correct when I see the ball has been snapped while in FF mode. I like the fact that I can load it up, i.e.- every time I hit it, it increments how many 30 sec. points I wish to slip ahead.
  16. bwaldron

    bwaldron New Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    Brandon, FL
    There are plenty of us who are not "Tivo people" -- we just want a reliable DVR. I've lived with ReplayTV, UltimateTV and Tivo. All have worked well and exceedingly reliably; all have features that the others don't. Same goes for the HR20...some improvements, some regressions. I could learn to live with the interface. The HR20 does not appear to be working reliably for a significant number of people, and that's a cause for concern (especially since D* hasn't been able to get their SD DVR up to speed after all this time).

    The new group of "HR20 people" seem to play up the drama when defending their new toy.
  17. TyroneShoes

    TyroneShoes HD evangelist

    Sep 6, 2004
    Replay and UTV were both great GUIs, although not really quite in the league of Tivo. But the HR20 is not even close, even if it were not plagued with bugs. It's not even playing in the same universe, let alone the same league as any of those three. And 30-slip is just annoying and slow. I can punch through 5 minutes of commercials in Letterman on Tivo much faster than the HR20 can do one 30-slip.
  18. bigpuma

    bigpuma Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2003
    Morgan Hill, CA
    I don't see what is so great about the TiVo GUI versus the HR20. I like them both just fine and I really appreciate the speed of the HR20. I do agree about the 30 second slip though, that is annoying.

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